What questions do you need to ask about a Reverse Mortgage
Refinance (or Purchase) ?
You've seen all the Movie Star spokespersons on TV trying to interest seniors in a
Reverse Mortgage Refinance, right?  Well . . .
I don't have TV ads.
I'm not a movie star.
I don't have fancy DVD's and videos, or online calculator sales traps, or a phone bank of operators.
BUT . . .
I am an expert on Reverse Mortgages.
I am local and personally accessible, so I won't just be a faceless voice in an answering center on the other end of the phone in Florida or New York, etc.
I market, counsel, and qualify people, and fund the same FHA/HUD govt insured Reverse Mortgage loan products as those TV companies do.
And, I don't have to mark up my fee to cover the cost of TV ads, movie stars, answering centers, etc.
My name is COLIN KYFFIN,
and I am your Local Reverse Mortgage Expert.
Call me: Colin Kyffin | 818 913-SAVE (7283)
NMLS 243225, CA BRE 00969373,
a member of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals
Planatek Financial Inc
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